First AmEx Platinum American Airlines Rebate Posted: Free $100!

Earlier this year, American Express sent me an email informing me that Platinum cardholders, myself included, would be losing access to American Airlines AAdmirals Clubs and USAirways Clubs from March 22, 2014, onwards. Now, having lounge access is a big benefit of the AmEx Platinum card, along with others like Text Concierge, Global Entry reimbursement, Fine Hotels and Resorts and additional warranty protection on purchases. The card is only $450 a year, too, compared to to the annual $500 cost of a AAdmirals Club membership. So, if you wanted to enjoy the lounges it was cheaper, and better, to just get a Platinum credit card, instead.

To lessen the loss of lounge access, American Express let me know me that I would be getting a $200 statement credit for purchases with American Airlines on items like lounge day passes, drinks, ticket change fees and baggage fees. However, what I really wanted was to get reimbursed after buying 2 $100 American Airlines gift certificates. While this wasn’t listed in the email, I figured that the transaction would code in such a way to allow for the statement credits. So, I bought a $100 virtual gift card last week and….I was right!

I received the below email from American Express yesterday informing me that a statement credit of $100 was placed on my account last night.

photo (6)


I’m going to buy another $100 gift card today and assume that I will get another $100 statement credit later this week. I’m pretty happy with AmEx’s proactive customer service and I’m probably going to combine the gift cards to buy a flight home to Charlottesville one weekend or maybe, Miami again, or even fly a friend to NYC. Summer’s coming and the possibilities are endless. So, here’s to free money, now and forever!

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