Governor’s Ball 2014 Single-Day Presale Tickets: Available ONLY w/ Citi Debit or Credit Card!

Governor’s Ball is a massive 3-day music festival – New York City’s Bonaroo – that’s happening June 6-8 this year. The act list is so patently ridiculous I had to put it below:

Set list for all three days.

Set list for all three days.

Yes, Outkast is performing. Yes, this is real life. So how much are tickets?

Here’s what you can buy right now, along with the cost:

  1. 3-day General Admission – $230 + $20 fee
  2. 3-day VIP Admission – $500 + $30 fee
  3. 3-day Super VIP Admission – $2,000 + No Fee
  4. 3-day Transportation on Manhattan Ferry – $45 + $5 fee
  5. 3-day Transportation on Brooklyn Shuttle – $55 + $5

This is great if you can take work off on Friday – I can’t, however. I wanted to buy a Saturday General Admission ticket, only. Luckily, on the tickets page, there is a box where you can enter the first six digits of your Citi credit card and have a new menu pop up with these additional prices:

  1. Any single-day General Admission ticket (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) – $100 + $15 fee
  2. Any single-day transportation on Manhattan Ferry – $15 + $5 fee
  3. Any single-day transportation on Brooklyn Shuttle – $20 + $5 fee

Thus, I was able to buy a Saturday general admission ticket. This presale option is available only to Citi credit and debit cardholders and lasts only until noon this Friday, April 4, at which point everyone will be able to purchase single-day tickets. So, if you want to only go for a day, buy now!

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