Second AmEx Platinum American Airlines Rebate Posted: Another Free $100!

As I had posted a couple weeks ago, American Express had sent me an email saying that I was eligible for $200 in credit towards American Airlines (AA) lounge passes, drinks, ticket change fees, baggage change fees, etc. Basically, any AA purchase was available for reimbursement except an actual airline ticket. Of course, that’s really what I wanted – a free $200 towards future flight on AA.

Two weeks ago, I took a calculated risk and bought a $100 gift certificate – which was not specified as being eligible for reimbursement in the email – but, AmEx reimbursed me, anyway. So, I then bought another $100 gift certificate and was again reimbursed, as you can see from the below email.


photo (10)



I’m very happy about this – HELLO FREE MONEY – and hope to use these two certificates on a trip to either Nashville or Dallas later this year.

Allow me to restate for any readers who have also received this offer from AmEx: you can buy gift certificates and get reimbursed.

Go out there and get yours. Time is money.


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