Important New Loyalty Program Alert: Chiptopia from Chipotle

Chipotle, the best place to pick up both a burrito and norovirus, now has a new, summer loyalty program: CHIPTOPIA!

Let’s dig in!

Earning and Burning

Chipotle 1

I like the fact that a free burrito counts towards earning the next loyalty level, similar to an award ticket counting towards airline status (which would never, ever happen).

Other Benefitschipotle 2

Let’s analyze the last benefit – the catering, which Chipotle values at $240. To achieve this, you need to have ordered 27 burritos (9 burritos x 3 months). At an average cost of $10, that’s $270 spent. So, the return is 88%, which is fantastic. Factoring in the 7 additional free burritos (3 free per month, plus the free burrito from achieving “Mild” status every month), the value jumps to $310. Then, the return is 114%, just for the catering award alone.

Overall, the value is pretty super. For every 11 meals you buy, you get 3 free. At the maximum of 33 purchased meals, 10 of them end up being free. Plus the catering. Plus the hat, which I hope is not a cheap, velcro adjustable hat, but probably is.


So, if you really like Chipotle, sign up. It’s a pretty tremendous award program. You can sign up in-store or online and you can find the full FAQs here.



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