New AmEx Offer: $20 off Soccer Jerseys!

Check your American Express cards because you may have been targeted for a timely, new AmEx offer for $20 off $100 purchases on

soccer promotion

Since personalized jerseys for the 2016 Euros and Copa America are $120, this amounts to roughly 17% savings. I bought a jersey last night as a birthday gift and the credit and email posted immediately.

amex offer

I was able to load this offer to three of my American Express cards by:

  1. Opening four other incognito windows on Chrome
  2. Signing into my AmEx account in each window
  3. Clicking on a different card in each window and opening the AmEx offer dropdown on each card
  4. Loading the offer if available

I wasn’t able to pull up the other on my Blue Cash account, but 3/4 is fine. is also offering free upgrades to 2-day shipping and $4,99 shipping on orders above $100, so now’s a great time to pick something up for the Euros or Copa America!

Let’s go USA!


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