Post-Argentina Status? Elastic Pants 24/7!


Argentina was exhausting. It’s tough work to eat for 5-6 hours a day – let me explain…


Ideally, lunch lasts 2-3 hours. There may or may not be multiple courses, but there will definitely be multiple bottles of vino

Everything will be incomparably delicious – it’s the best steak of your life, again and again.IMG_0799You may or may not be the only table.


The lovely restaurant “Uco” in the Fierro Hotel. Highly recommended!

Either way, the wait staff will be extremely professional, scooping crumbs off the table after courses and offering smiles and menus in English.

You will leave the restaurant feeling like a sack of concrete and wondering “How will dinner be possible?”


Dinner is at least 3 hours.


Tarquino sealed the menu with wax.

If the reservation is at 8, then you leave at 11. If it’s at 10, you leave at 1 in the morning, minimum. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a Monday or Tuesday evening. There are multiple courses and every single dish is insanely delightful.


Quail egg and stuff.


A real yummy-ass salad!


Sweetbread with foam sauces and mango/pesto balls.


Desert – notice how the mint leaf is embedded in the chocolate.

The wine? Still flowing like the Rio de la Plata.

You leave the restaurant extremely ready to lie down at the hotel, watch a terribly dubbed movie and snooze for ten hours.

And with the hotel as nice as this (and free), the process all makes sense.


Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Argentina we went to:






You honestly can’t go wrong. I’ll have more Argentina content later this week, so stay tuned!

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