3 Free Nights at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival? Here’s How!

While perusing New York magazine, I found this nifty quote about the Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso in Cannes:IMG_0176

Other pictures from the hotel’s website are also gorgeous.

While the Club Carlson loyalty program no longer offers the last night free on award redemptions (a.k.a the greatest 2-for-1, ever), by both getting the personal and business credit cards and meeting the minimum spends, you can earn 170,000 Club Carlson points, which is more than enough for 2 nights at the Radisson 1835. If you can manufacture another $8,000 in spend, the additional 40,000 Club Carlson points would allow you 3 free nights at the Radisson 1835, a Category 7 hotel. Finally, in exchange for paying the annual fee and spending $10,000 over the previous card, not calendar, year, Club Carlson will give another free night, per card.

The credit cards are issued by US Bank. This is another bonus in that by applying you don’t run afoul of any maximum application limits from the Chase/American Express/Citi credit card triumvirate.

Of course, having a companion also apply for the Club Carlson cards is ideal, as six (or eight) nights is more fun than three.

The savings are gigantic – here are sample prices for before and during this year’s festival, which is being held from May 11-22:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, start planning now for next year’s festival. Even the locals can’t get enough of le cinéma!


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