20% off Early Summer Amtrak Travel with AAA Membership!

Per Amtrak, train tickets booked by May 15 for travel through June 12 will receive a 20% discount – an additional 10% on top of the normal 10% AAA member discount.

Amtrak discounts

Additionally, AAA members who use the discount are always entitled to the following: “two children ages 2 – 12 may accompany each adult member at half the AAA member rail fare.” That’s great!

Unfortunately, I’m neither a member of AAA nor a father. But, both the 10% and 20% discounts made me wonder if AAA membership is something I should possess, especially because since I live in NYC I don’t own a vehicle.

On AAA’s website, I found that the annual cost was $52, with an additional $15 fee the first year.

AAA cost

This means that I would need to spend $336 on Amtrak travel during the 20% discount period or $671 from June 13-December 31 to reap any savings.

This is unlikely.

There are also certain limits on what kinds of tickets for which the AAA discount is applicable.

Still, AAA offers a boatload of other discounts, including sporting events, big box stores, cell phone plans, and movie tickets. I may end up signing up just for the discounts.

I will report back.




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