AirBnb Sign-Up Credit Now $35 Plus A Bonus Trick

Use my referral to save $35 on your first Airbnb stay! Normally, the referral bonus is $25, so huzzah for more savings!

Here’s the best way when traveling with a companion¬†on a two-night stay¬†to maximize your savings:

  • Use my referral to save $35 on the first night.
  • Refer your companion and have them book the second night at the exact same Airbnb.

You would save $35 the first night. The second night, booked by your companion, gives you $35 more in credit, plus they would save $35, meaning you and your companion’s overall credit is $105.

Now, you would pay the Airbnb service fee 2x, which in my experience has ranged from $12-19. Still, using the method above, you still would be in the black.

You can also earn $65 when your referred friends and family host. There is no service fee, either.

So, sign-up if you haven’t already. It’s Free Money!

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