New, Easy Aviator Red 5,000 Mile Bonus!

For those of you are who currently calling up Barclays and asking for annual fee waivers for the Aviator Red credit card, I have another deal for you:

  1. Spend $1,000 over the next 90 days.
  2. Receive an additional 5,000 American Airlines (AA) miles.

That’s at least 6,000 miles, not including the current Uber 2x AA miles per $1 offer and the standard 2x AA miles per $1 on all AA purchases.

Uber AA

Current Uber x Aviator Red offer!

This deal should also be available on all Aviator Red cards; it’s not targeted like the $500 x 3 months = 15,000 AA miles offers of the past have been.

An example of the $500 x 3 months bonus offer that is sometimes available.

To receive this offer, just call 1866-928-3075, or the number on the back of the card, and request the offer be added to each of your Aviator Red accounts.

Since the cards do not have any foreign transaction fees, I will be using one or both on my upcoming Argentina trip, where I also earned a 6,000 AA mileage bonus for booking my hotel through Rocketmiles (sign up through my referral and earn an additional 1,000 miles, on top of the regular bonuses).

Barclays coming hard this summer; I like.

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