Free CLEAR Guest Pass for 3 Months!

CLEAR, if you have never heard of it, is the baby brother airport security hack to TSA Pre. While Pre✓ expedites the cumbersome x-ray machine process, CLEAR lets you skip the equally annoying part of airport security where a TSA officer verifies your ticket with a piece of identification. 


Image courtesy The TSA Blog.

With CLEAR, you enter a separate line, and go to a machine where you scan your ticket and an index finger. Once verified, you can either go back into the regular x-ray line or, ideally, proceed to the Pre✓ line and really zip through security.

I’ve only had the pleasure of combining these “hacks,” once, at Denver International Airport, and it was great! Security took all of 3 minutes.

If you have flown through DIA before, you know how long the lines can become and CLEAR probably saved me 15-20 minutes of waiting around.

DIA wait

Image courtesy The Denver Channel.

Now, CLEAR is letting me offer friends (ok, anyone) a free, 3-month trial.

clear 1

Just go to CLEAR’s website and enter the code “CLRDST2016” to receive the free, 3-month trial.

CLEAR is available at the following airports:CLEAR map

Some points:

  • No NYC airports, yet, but I’ve talked to CLEAR people in the past and they are working on it. My hope is that DCA and ORD are also upcoming, although I have no knowledge one way or another.
  • Texans – this a tailor-made promotion for y’all! Sign up!
  • SFO also can have serious security backups, so having that airport on the list is very helpful.

CLEAR is normally $179 a year, so, with this trial, the cost is brought down to $120. And, you can cancel anytime. However, you probably can call and get some sort of discount, as I was just charged a renewal fee of only $50.

clear cost


Anyway,three months are free! So sign-up!

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