Easy 10% Off All British Airways Flights!

By virtue of having the British Airways credit card, cardholders are entitled to 10% off the cost of a flight by entering the code “CARDOFFERU” at payment. However, the dirty little secret is that anyone can use this code. I know this because, even though I don’t have the BA credit card, I was still sent the following email:BA discount

Furthermore, per the Terms and Conditions, you can use this discount for up to 8 tickets in any class, which is great for families.

BA discount 2

I made a dummy booking for November and the discount was applied automatically, without verifying possession of a BA credit card.

So, if you are flying BA at any point until January 1, 2017, save an easy 10% by using the code “CARDOFFERU“.

BA world traveller plus

British Airways’ World Traveller Plus (Premimum Economy) product is now 10% more attainable!

Add these savings to the $65-400 savings from being an AARP member, and flights to and from England just got a lot cheaper!

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