Final Animal Count on Safari…??


I’m going to say, that, in my life, there have been maybe four experiences more magical than the 3 days we spent going on game drives in the Masai Mara National Reserve.*

It was that amazing.


Ultra-rare white rhinos that were under 24-hr ranger protection.

We saw all the big five.


More White Rhino


That face…


At the Mara Safari Club, there was an entry in a book that said “all encounters by humans with Cape Buffaloes end in death.”


One of my favorite pictures of the trip.


Leopards are too gorgeous.

We saw antelopes on antelopes on antelopes.


We saw Pumba (and his family).


We saw small animals.


We saw tall animals.


The Masai was so generous to us and, in total, we saw 25 different animal species.

I hereby present the full picto-listicle:

  1. White RhinoJOE_5049
  2. LionJOE_5098JOE_5208JOE_5212
  3. Cape Buffalo
  4. African LeopardJOE_5236JOE_5244JOE_5256JOE_5262
  5. African ElephantJOE_5129
  6. Hartebeast – Trust me on this one.
  7. WildebeestJOE_5014.JPGJOE_5013
  8. Mongoose – Trust me on this one, too.
  9. HippopotamusJOE_4987JOE_4989JOE_4984
  10. WarthogJOE_4968
  11. Secretary BirdJOE_5126
  12. GiraffeJOE_4971JOE_5005
  13. VultureJOE_5147
  14. Grant’s gazelleJOE_5144
  15. Thomson’s gazelleJOE_5008.JPG
  16. Topi


    Interesting animal – notice the different colors on the hide.

  17. Dik-dikJOE_5106
  18. BaboonJOE_5270
  19. ImpalaJOE_5146
  20. ElandJOE_5015.JPG
  21. OstrichJOE_5031
  22. HyenaJOE_5216
  23. Jackal (foreground)JOE_5268
  24. ZebraJOE_5190JOE_5189
  25. Chameleon

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’ll be back, for sure.




*Obviously, being born #1 magical experience.

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