New Trip Alert: Another Week in Argentina!

I just booked another trip to Argentina! This time, my sister and a friend are coming, too, and they couldn’t be more excited, as it will be the first time for each in South America!

I’m headed back to Argentina for three main reasons:

  1. See one of my best goons:
  2. It’s my last opportunity to book an off-peak AA award to South America. Off-peak awards on American are some of my favorite awards, as the savings in miles can be substantial. For this instance, my roundtrip NYC-Buenos Aires ticket was 40,000 – instead of 60,000 – miles. Savings like that help make long coach flights tolerable! My 40,000 miles will get me over $1220 in value. aa joe
  3. This trip will also be a quasi-graduation gift for my sister (claps). While she will be taking advantage of an off-peak coach-class award on the return flight, on the way down, she’s flying, for the very first time, in domestic first- and international business-class. Obviously, she’s over the moon. From her 70,000 miles, she will receive a value of over $2300.aa nat

My friend is also sitting up front; in first-class on the way down and business-class when heading home. Coach really wasn’t an option, as being 6’5 just doesn’t lend itself well to long flights. Luckily, he had more than enough miles to book a ticket with a value of over $4300.

aa heefner

In total, we will achieve a flight value of over $7,900, a sum equally gigantic and fantastic!

I’m also thrilled about finally getting to stay at the Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, a hotel that’s been on my bucket list for a long while!

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In total, we’ll be spending five days in Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America.”

Then, we will head to Mendoza, the capital of Argentina’s wine country, for another four.

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As my last time in Argentina was a gluttonous overfeast that turned my blood into vino tinto and my heart into a medium-rare steak, I am most eager to return and share this sublime place with friends and family.




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