Where Did I Fly In 2015? How Much Did I Save?

2015 was another grand year that included trips all over the US, a trip to Europe and my first trip to South America. By using points and miles, I was still able to save a mess of money even though, for various reasons, I paid for more airfare than usual.

Take a look, below:

Flight General Cost Times? Miles/Vouchers Cash
NYC-Charlottesville $400 4X 3X 1X
NYC-Vail $500 1X 1X
NYC-Denver $300 1X 1X
NYC-DC $150 3X 3X
NYC-Boston $150 1X 1X
NYC-Santiago $800 1X 1X
NYC-Charleston $250 1X 1X 1X
NYC-Nashville $350 2X 1X 1X
NYC-Toronto $300 1X 1X
Phila-Barcelona $1,000 1X 1X
Santiago-Mendoza $400 1X 1X

And here’s a visual representation:


International Flights: 1) New York-Santiago-Mendoza and 2) Philly-Madrid-Barca


Domestic Flights

For the fourth year running, my savings on travel have been immense.

  • NYC – Charlottesville – $1,200 in savings
  • NYC – Vail – $500 in savings
  • NYC – DC – $450 in savings
  • NYC – Boston – $150 in savings
  • NYC – Santiago – $800 in savings
  • NYC – Nashville – $350 in savings
  • NYC – Toronto – $300 in savings
  • Philly – Barcelona – $1,000 in savings

Even though I didn’t fly in business- or first-class this year, I still earned at least $4,750 in flight value!


When Messi hit a hat-trick for me!


While this doesn’t compare to last year’s total of $27,000 in flight value, it still represents sizable savings.


Barcelona on my birthday.

What a time to be alive, huh?


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