Easy Help For Argentinian Visas!

As I previously wrote, I’m headed to Chile and Argentina in a month and needed to get my reciprocity fee for Argentina handled, as Argentina no longer allows processing to happen at the airport. The fee is, unfortunately, $160 and is called a reciprocity fee because it’s the exact same fee we charge Argentinians to enter the United States. The cost is somewhat steep, but the fee receipt is valid for 10 years.

A vineyard in Mendoza - photo courtesy Mendoza Travel.

A vineyard in Mendoza – photo courtesy Mendoza Travel.

Spanish isn’t my first language and dealing with embassy instructions can sometimes be tricky, so I asked my friend in Argentina what is the easiest way to handle the reciprocity fee process.

He sent me to the website of VisaToArgentina, a company that does, well, just that. For an additional fee of $20 on top of the $160 reciprocity fee, they handle everything with a simple, two-step process. I ordered my fee ticket last night and by this morning, I had an email in my in-box with the receipt attached.

fee receipt

I’m a big fan of making travel bureaucracy as easy as possible, so if you are going to Argentina, consider using this service.

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