AARP Discount on British Airways – Not Just For Old People!

I go on DansDeals everyday. I like or honestly, love, his site because it’s written for milehounds, like myself, observant Jewish women and everyone in between. The deals seem to be a trichotomy of the randomest baby-product deals on Amazon, flight specials to Tel Aviv and weird, yet awesome, discounts.

For instance, did you know that British Airways offers a significant AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) discount? I didn’t, but Dan did! Let me explain.

BA has funny names for fare classes, so I’m going to list them below with the more common equivalents, as well as the possible discounts:

  • First-Class (Ok, this one didn’t change) – $400 discount
  • Club World (Business-Class) – $400 discount
  • World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) – $130 discount
  • World Traveller (Economy) – $65 discount

Anyone can join the AARP (despite the website saying you have to be over 50) and it’s only $16 per annum. That means, if you have a British Airways flight coming up, the minimum you can save is $49.

$50 isn’t much, but if you have the Chase British Airways credit card, you can input the code: CARDOFFERU and get an additional 10% off the price. Going into the comments on DansDeals, I saw that even folks without the credit card were inputting the code and receiving the discount.

Combining these discounts on a $5,000 business-class fare can offer significant savings. First, the $400 AARP discount lowers the price to $4,600. Then, take the credit card 10% off and you are left with a $4,140 fare. This is a total savings of just over 17%, which is pretty significant. Obviously, not everyone, including myself, can afford a $5,000 ticket, but even a $1,000 ticket, less the two discounts, offers a savings of just over 15%.

I’ve never flown BA, but it’s pleasing to know that there are two, easy ways to lower the cost of a ticket. Austenphiles, you’re welcome!

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