How Cheap is Europe? Pretty Good – And Getting Better!

Did you know that the Euro has fallen from $1.38 this time last year to $1.07? This is mental. Now, read the below article for why.

Enjoy Your Cheap European Vacation, Courtesy of Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen

Six facts:

  1. An unlimited, monthlong Eurail pass costs €917. Whereas before that was $1265, now it’s only $976. That’s almost 300 of the green stuff back in your wallet.
  2. Don’t go to Paris in July or August – everything’s expensive, all the French folks have left to the countryside and half the boulangeries are closed for all of August and part of September.

    Image courtesy 20 Little Cities.

    Image courtesy 20 Little Cities.

  3. Spain, on the other hand, is as delicious as France, but much cheaper, even in the big cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Read about my recent week there, here – Ten Things From A Great Week in Spain, Part One!

    Boutique s’mores at Hattari Hanzo in Madrid.

    FullSizeRender (28)

    Homemade crackers, green tea dark chocolate and a marshmallow fit for Ghostbusters.

  4. If you are under 26 years old, a ton of activities are either discounted or free – museums like the Musee d’Orsay, train tickets, plays, movies, etc. That’s the cut-off age for “youth” in Europe.

    Image courtesy Wikipedia.

    Musee d’Orsay – image courtesy Wikipedia.

  5. There’s one cheap destination in Europe you probably haven’t thought about. Give up? It’s Ukraine. Yes, it’s a kind of a war-zone, but recently Ukraine Air offered a round-trip, JFK-Tel Aviv stopping over in Kiev ticket for $307. You can just get off in Kiev instead of continuing to Tel Aviv and since you will have to recheck your bags due to transiting to a new, foreign country, neither the bags nor you will end up in Israel. Then, you can use miles/Eurail/discount airlines to gallivant to wherever you want in Europe. There are also R/T flights from the US to Ukraine from $666 (srsly) if you hit the Google. Since summer flights to Europe can often run north of $1000 from the East Coast, and more from the West Coast, that price is a steal. Just don’t head too far east in Ukraine…
  6. Want to save even more on a trip to Europe? I know you do. Contact my booking company Suite Dreams if you want to spend miles, not money, on your next European vacation.

P.S Don’t forget to go next year, too! Goldman Sachs is predicting the euro will be $0.80 in 2016. It hasn’t been that cheap, well, ever.

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