Airbnb New Member Signup Currently at $50 – Deal Alert!

Airbnb usually offers $25 for new member referrals – $25 for the new member and $25 for the referring member. Now, and probably for a limited time, they have upped it to $50 for the new member, while keeping the $25 the same for the referring member. Sign up through my link and the money’s yours! You don’t even have to book immediately – the money is banked in your account for the indefinite future.

!!FREE $50!!

We used Airbnb in Barcelona and rented an amazing, sunny apartment for around $80 a night in Gracia, a hip neighborhood in the north of the city.


Double balconies, two bedrooms, an American-style shower – it was like a boutique hotel, but a helluva lot cheaper. (Here’s the listing, if anyone’s headed to Barcelona.)


Couples can really take advantage of this for a weekend trip, as they can each book individual stays for the same apartment and then $100 off the total rental cost! That’s real money for thirty seconds of your time.

So, sign up! It’s free money!

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