Where Did I Fly in 2014? How Much Did I Save?

2014 was a fun mix of international sojourns and quick domestic weekends, quite similar to how 2013 treated me. Thanks, for the third year running, to miles and points, most of these trips were either free or tremendously discounted.

Here’s a map of where I went in the US and Canada this past year. Compared to 2013, I traveled less due to having to save vacation time for the blowout bender to Japan last June and July.

2014 map

  • Strangest Trip – Winnipeg. It started with a midnight call from work and it didn’t end until 11:30 p.m. the next night. I had to buy a $1200 ticket at the airport due to late-night shenanigans with my firm’s travel agency and I think it’s funny that this is by far the most expensive plane ticket I’ve ever bought, even though it was just in economy and I was only flying to the Canadian equivalent of Minneapolis. Of course, I bought the ticket with my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card and received double points!
  • Funnest TripMiami. Best way to get back at winter, ever.
  • Most Delicious – Charleston. A bad meal is not possible. It’s just not. The Ordinary, Five Loaves, Al Di La, Belmont, Goat. Sheep. Cow, Butcher and Bee, Cru, Chez Nous, Pearlz…just go. Bring pants with an elastic waist, though.

Here’s a chart of my 2014 domestic savings:

Flight General Cost How Many Times? Miles/Vouchers? Total Savings
NYC-DC $150-200 4-5x Avios $600-1000
NYC-Chicago $200-250 1x Avios $200-250
NYC-Miami $200-250 1x Avios $200-500
NYC-Charlottesville $400-800 2x Delta voucher from bump, Avios $800-1600
NYC-Dallas $250-500 1x 50% due to Platinum Reimbursement $200

I think it’s fair to assume I saved at least $2500 on domestic travel this year.

I saved many times that on my international trips.

map 2014 2

Miles and points truly are wonderful –  I estimate I spent $1000 on airfare, taxes and fees this year and received almost $27,000 in flight value. Where else can you find deals like this (and food like that?!)?

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