Get The USAirways MasterCard And Go To Hawaii For $90!

This post was originally about the email I just received from Barclaycard, listing the awesome, new feature of the USAirways Premier World Mastercard:

FullSizeRender (4)

Getting rid of forex fees is kind because no cardholder wants to pay an extra 2-5% on every international purchase. But, after screwing around on the USAirways website and perusing the award chart, I found out what this post is really about: flying to Hawaii for $90.

Any island of Hawaii costs 40,000 USAirways miles for a roundtrip, economy-class ticket from anywhere in the US. This is ideal, since all you have to do to achieve the card’s signup bonus of 50,000 miles is pay the annual fee of $89 and make one purchase of any amount. Let me stress the bold part. You can go to a grocery store and buy a bottle of Poland Spring (or Voss/Evian if you are bougie) and 50,000 miles will be in you account when the statement ends.

Getting the bonus is that simple. You will also still have 10,000 miles left over for another trip.

And, if you don’t like Hawaii, 50,000 miles is also equivalent to:

  • 2 domestic economy-class roundtrips or
  • 1 domestic roundtrip in first-class or
  • 1 economy-class roundtrip to the Caribbean (with 15,000 miles left over) or
  • 1 off-peak economy-class roundtrip to Europe (with 20,000 miles left over / 15,000 if you don’t have the credit card)

For $90, this is absolutely tremendous. Throw in a free checked bag, Group 2 boarding and ability to use the first class check-in counter and the deal keeps expanding.

So, a trip to Hawaii for $89 + one $1 bottle of water. My sister recently spent some time in Hawaii and I think her pictures easily display the silly gorgeousness.

Waterfall jumping

Waterfall jumping – look closely.



Carbon copy of that scene from The Descendants

Carbon copy of that scene from The Descendants.

hawaii 7

More #sunsets.

USAir is just throwing these miles away before they merge with American Airlines – you might as well pick up them and use them, right?

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