$25 AirBnb Credit for New Members

Airbnb is a company that helps people to illegally sublet their apartments and not pay hotel taxes. Wait, that’s not it.

Airbnb is a company that is attempting to put all legal risk on their members, rather than the corporate entity. That’s not right, either.

Airbnb is a company online community that allows people global citizens to host other global citizens in their tiny four-bedroom studio townhouse to make that month’s rent payment foster communication and understanding.

There. That’s the one!

Whether you’re in New York City or Omaha, chances are two things are true: 1) a decent hotel room costs more than you want to pay and 2) someone’s got an available bedroom, or two. That’s where Airbnb steps in – sign up and get access to thousands of folks renting out their apartments or houses, often at prices much cheaper than a comparable hotel.

Sign up for free membership through my link and you get $25 off your first rental!

Free $25 off!

I’ll also throw out a quick story on how Airbnb can save you money when you least expect it. Last February, my father, sister and I went on a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. In Antwerp, there wasn’t a good hotel to book on points, so my father got an Airbnb instead. With a kitchen, two bathrooms, free internet and a view of the city, it was a superb deal and a great place to stay. This past summer, my father took my mother to Copenhagen. Turns out, the internet provider in Belgium and Denmark is the same. So, during their 5 days in Copenhagen, my parents were able to use my dad’s phone as if they were back home in the States. Since international data roaming is quite pricey, my parents saved a bundle!

So, yeah, Airbnb – a good to great deal. Thanks for the signup if you do!

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