Review: An Afternoon at the Lufthansa First-Class Terminal

Lufthansa, for their departing first-class passengers, recently built a separate terminal at the Frankfurt Airport. Thanks to my 7pm Frankfurt-Seoul flight on LH712, I had access to this lovely and very quintessentially German building.

Headed to the First-Class Terminal!

Headed to the First-Class Terminal!


Doing my best Million Mile Secrets impression here. . .

I arrived in style, driving my Porsche Carrera 911 4S rental that Lufthansa was so kind to provide. As I circled around the parking lot in front of the terminal, an attendant came out and waited for me to come to the front. Her first words to me were: “Do you want a picture?”

Of course I did!

She gamely indulged me in several photos and then another attendant came out to return the car to Avis so that I wouldn’t have to. I said goodbye to my baby, handed my passport to the first attendant and followed her inside the terminal to security.









Security was typical, with a bag scanner and metal detector for safety, and atypical, in that I was the only person in line. I was done in 8 seconds; amazing. No pat-downs, no baby carriages, no TSA clowns. The worst part about the airport ended the quickest, for me, it ever has.

I entered the terminal and found myself in a minimalist paradise (German business settings make typical NYC skyscrapers look positively baroque, in my opinion). Dropping my small backpack off, I took a look around. There was a cigar room, several conference areas, day loungers, a restaurant and a bar with the most amount of alcohol I’ve ever seen in one space, save liquor stores.   Seriously, from whiskey to champagne this bar was loaded for bear. I asked for a glass of Bollinger Rose. It turned out the Spanish bartender only knew how to pour strongly. No complaints.


It’s possible to do a Johnny Walker color wheel, here. I only had Blue.


Reds on reds on reds.


Bollinger is delicious. Really delicious.

Cigar Room.

Cigar Room.




Bar and entrance area. Newspapers and magazines in many languages grace the back right of the picture.

While I could have slugged at the bar until my flight came, I needed to clean up, so I headed over to the bathroom area and spoke with the attendant, who said the Jacuzzi Room would be ready in about 5 minutes. Back to the bar. Upon telling the bartender I was going to take a drink in the tub, she, on her volition, made me a gigantic champagne mojito; que linda.

Drink in hand, I wandered back to the wash area and was led to the Jacuzzi Room. While the “Jacuzzi Room” is my made-up moniker, I think it’s apt. There are several shower rooms, but only one of them has a shower and a tub. The room is stocked with Etro branded toiletries, plush towels, a robe, slippers and Q-tips and other typical bathroom aids.

IMG_0589 IMG_0593 IMG_0596

The best part, of course, is the rubber ducky. There’s nothing like a kid’s toy to reinforce how loony it is to fly upfront on miles and not money. I drew a bath, poured in all the salts and slunk into the tub, tipsy as a lord.


The duck, of course, was World Cup themed. For Germany, no detail is no small.


He landed right-side up.




45 minutes later, I was feeling some type of way, but I didn’t want to be too rude and stay for over an hour, so I hopped out and took a quick shower to fully clean.

Display of all the most recent ducks!

Display of all the most recent ducks! The Santa one is a must cop.

I left the room redolent of, like, twenty Etro bouquets (Pro tip: always use all the bathroom amenties) and still had about an hour before my flight, so I headed to the restaurant to get a quick bite.


The prosciutto carving station never fails to kill me.


Yeah, I plumped for one.


Tandoori chicken, steak, rice, etc.


Asparagus, hummus, shrimp, eggplant, zukes, etc.

IMG_0579 IMG_0580 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0587

I also asked the bartender for a glass of Johnny Walker Blue, which I never before sipped. After the meal, I took a seat on one of the business-chaise lounges with my pour of Blue and another flute of Bollinger and felt thankful as ever.

I had a small meal of chocolate cake and #rare meats and cheeses.

I had a small meal of chocolate cake and #rare meats and cheeses.

This is my new favorite drink.

This is my new favorite drink.

Eventually, only fifteen minutes remained until my flight was due to depart. I wasn’t feeling antsy, but I was wondering at what point I would go to the plane. With ten minutes to go, an attendant came by, gave me my ticket and passport and directed me to follow her downstairs. Down on the lower level, I waited until another passenger arrived and then we hopped in a Mercedes van for the short, thirty-second ride to the plane.


Downstairs, Lufthansa had set up a World Cup viewing area. Unfortunately, the US v. Germany game was coming on right as I was leaving!


The ride to the plane.


A picture from the tarmac. First-Class on the 747-8 is in the nose. So, the first 11 windows. . .


I was a bit disappointed, since I knew that some folks get Porsche Panameras or Mercedes S-Class sedans and get to drive way out onto the tarmac, but hey, my OPS was already north of .1200. From the tarmac, I took an elevator directly up to the jetway and headed for my first-class seat in the nose of the 747-8, the longest passenger aircraft in the world!


My seat to Seoul!

My seat to Seoul!

To recap, Lufthansa has a superlative and seamless first-class product both in the air and on the ground and I can’t write enough positive words about my experience. Civilization is wonderful.

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