Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Boston and Lufthansa Business-Class Boston to Frankfurt

The funnest flight on a trip, in my opinion, is the one that first takes you out of your home country. It may not be the one with the tastiest meals, best drinks or best seats, but it signifies something greater than those do. Simply, vacation has started, baby, and this flight was no exception!

I hate to start with a sidenote and a complaint, but I just want to say Logan is a complete and utter mess. It was built to handle present, not future, transportation needs and everything from the terminal layout to the security procedures to the gates themselves is second-class. Further elaboration is unnecessary, but I’ll just say that one cancelled overnight flight to England shouldn’t put the entire international terminal in a snit.

However, what was charming at the airport was the Lufthansa Senator lounge. I only had a business class ticket, yet was able to access the lounge due to my flight being delayed 20 minutes. Generally, you need to have a first-class ticket or be in HON Circle to access Senator-level lounges, but if this is Lufthansa’s policy when it comes to delays, thank you very much!


The lounge is very, well, German, in that it does the job very competently with a minimum of plush, kind of like the nicest cafeteria in the world.


IMG_1730 IMG_1732

I was looking to eat dinner before the flight to maximize my sleep and I also had heard that Lufthansa can be wildly hit or miss on business-class catering. So, I was extremely pleased when I found the lounge spread to be excellent. Salmon, quiches, pork, potatoes, vegetables, salad, lots of drink choices and even Oreos – I was totally satisfied. This being a German airline lounge, the only visible flair was USA and Germany World Cup scarves as both teams were playing each other the next day!

photo 2 (2)photo 3

The salmon and quiche were especially delicious.

The salmon and quiche were especially delicious. I got seconds.

I always find it surprising how much alcohol is featured at lounges, as I swear the airlines encourage folks to binge drink.

photo 5

I had a beer and glass of sparkling wine.

Eventually, the time for boarding came and I took the elevator back upstairs to the gate, which as I mentioned before was a zoo.

On this route, Lufthansa flies a 747 and after consulting Seatguru, I had picked seat 1C. I wanted to be served and then go to sleep as quick as possible, since I had a Porsche waiting for me at the airport!

I was one of the first people to board, although the entire cabin was eventually completely full. I changed in my pajamas, accepted a glass of champagne from the flight attendant and waited for take-off.

View of the front of the nose business-class cabin.

View of the front of the nose business-class cabin.

My seat is on the left.

My seat is on the left.

View of the rest of the nose business-class cabin.

View of the rest of the nose business-class cabin.

3 windows in business-class versus 4 in first-class.

3 windows in business-class versus 4 in first-class.

After we were airborne, I took one Tylenol PM and looked to zonk as soon as possible. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep and out of a 7h10 flight, I slept 5+ hours, which is exactly what I wanted. Some folks have nasty things to say about Lufthansa’s business-class offering since the seat isn’t entirely lie-flat, but I slept like a baby, a good baby. It felt like sleeping on an extremely padded and elongated pool chair.

I woke up an hour outside of Frankfurt, read the NYT on my iPad, napped again, then had to put my seat in the full, upright and locked position for the descent and landing. I skipped the breakfast they offered, as I knew there would be better fare in the First-Class Lounge. The landing was smooth and the pilot’s announcement of Wilkommen in Frankfurt” was another nice confirmation that work was definitely far, far away!

Overall, this was a good flight made great for external reasons – chief among them the fact that I didn’t pay $6,300 for the seat – and another reason to enjoy Lufthansa. Future flight reviews from this vacation, including ones on Lufthansa, will be much more in depth with regards to food, drink, service and entertainment – please forgive me for sleeping as much as I could on this flight. After all, the Porsche and I both needed to fuel up before our rendez-vouz. . .

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