Free From Speed Limits: Renting a Porsche for the Autobahn through Lufthansa First-Class!

Lufthansa and Porsche have teamed up to offer a unique service to first-class passengers and HON Circle members – Lufthansa’s very-elite frequent fliers – whereby it’s possible to rent a Porsche vehicle through Avis. Like, a Porsche 911; a real Porsche, not a Boxster or Cayman suburban country club plaything.

porsche 1

Image courtesy of Lufthansa

It’s 99.10 euros for three hours with gas, insurance and 150 kilometers of travel included.




Germany’s highways are called the Bundesautobahn, or just the autobahn, for short. These roads are famous for not having a federally mandated speed limit. In other words, states set, or in most cases advise on, a speed limit. As Wikipedia and Car and Driver helpfully state, “exceeding the advised speed is not a criminal offense.” Obviously, I will ask Avis, but this is pretty exciting, as well as terrifying.

Originally, I was not eligible for this offer, since you have to be departing Frankfurt on a Lufthansa first-class ticket and my original United award flight was on Asiana Airlines (Asiana and Lufthansa two of United’s partners in the Star Alliance). However, I went on the United website and noticed that there was an open seat for a Lufthansa flight to Seoul. I called United, paid a $75 change fee and presto! I was eligible.

You can book directly through the website, like I did, or call the Avis booking hotline at +49 6171 68 1377, or tell a representative at the first-class terminal that you would like to make a “spur-of-the-moment” rental. Conveniently, I don’t even have to return the car to the rental car facility; I just drive up to the first-class terminal and leave the keys in the car.

Lufthansa is kind enough to provide several recommended routes around the airport and they come preloaded into the GPS, apparently.

Image courtesy of MotorTrend.

Image courtesy of MotorTrend.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. A Porsche. In Germany. No speed limits.

Stay turned for when I write about how the rental turned out.


P.S. Feel free to light a candle for me if you pass a church – 150 miles per hour is 150 miles per hour.


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