Found: New York City-Charleston flights this winter and spring for $150!

New York this winter feels like Chicago. I mean, I’ve never been to Chicago in the winter and hopefully never will, but from what folks tell me, the remorselessless of the season is just brutal.

The frozenness is overwhelming

The frozenness is overwhelming.

Luckily, I was able to escape to Miami for a day last weekend for $5.

Hello, Miami!

Hello, Miami!

Miami Beach!

Miami Beach!

A day in the sun is lovely, but I prefer (probably as do most folks) a longer vacation. I’d been looking to head to Puerto Rico if possible, but I got an email today that changed my plans.

Buried in TravelZoo’s weekly Top 20 email was this gem:

photo (3)

Savannah is a gorgeous Georgia town, strewn with beautiful parks and squares, but also ridden with antique shops and other hokey tourist attractions. Charleston, though, located in the part of South Carolina known as “The Lowcountry,” has top notch local scenes like the world’s largest oyster shucking festival, the beach on Sullivan’s Island and interesting historical destinations like Fort Sumter and antebellum plantations. Plus, I can stay with family, which saves money for restaurants like Hominy Grill, Cru Cafe, Husk (winner of Bon Appetit’s best new restaurant in 2011) and many, many others. Seriously, the restaurants are unreal. Charleston also has 7 out of the top 100 bars in the South, according to Southern Living. There are also many other merely good bars.

I clicked the link, picked a date in March – although you can book February-May – and found the following:


Basically, you can fly out any Saturday-Wednesday date and some Thursday dates and return Monday/Tuesday-Saturday of the following week for $150 on Delta or JetBlue. That’s a pretty fantastic deal, so if you have the time off from work and some loose cash, I can’t think of many better ways to spend it than flying to Charleston for a vacation. Safe travels!

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