21 Things Every Traveler Should Own via Buzzfeed!

Here are my favorites:

2. Chalk map – to mark visited states

Shop here

7. Printed Instagram books for travel memories – this is a great idea and I’m making one for moms, ASAP.

Printed Instagram books for all their travel memories ($12–25).

Shop here

9. Personalized state necklace (sis, hello.)

Shop here

11. Airport code pillows – I have a weakness for all baggage tag related apparel, as my friends can attest to (RIP Akademikz shirt I bought in the Bahamas).

Shop here

16. Multi-surge outlet protector with USB chargers – this is brillantly functional.

Multi-outlet surge protector with USB chargers ($29).

Shop here

21. A ticket to anywhere……But that’s why you read the site, right?! Happy traveling!

And of course, a ticket to anywhere — a whole lot of money, but let's pretend it's free.

Info here

See the full list and pick your own favorites here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ashleyperez/21-things-every-traveler-wishes-they-owned

All pictures are courtesy Buzzfeed, Etsy and Amazon.

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