Coming back from Japan via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific for $106!

As I just posted, I’m flying from Tokyo from New York via Frankfurt and Seoul for $86 and 67,500 United miles. So, how exactly am I getting home?

Here’s how, with the price I paid, the actual price and a picture of the seat:

The flight cost me 30,000 Avios – the British Airways term for miles – and $48.29.  It normally would cost, well, see below.

Price in Japanese Yen, per Cathay Pacific's website.

Price in Japanese Yen, per Cathay Pacific’s website.

Here’s the cost in American dollars:

photo 4 (4)

Literally, this is six months rent.

Finally, here’s a picture of the 36-inch wide seat – yes, that’s 3 feet. They serve Krug on Cathay Pacific, so I’m going to try for a minimum of 8 flutes. It’s a little less than 5 hours in the air and I plan to arrive in Hong Kong sufficiently jolly.

Maybe she will be my flight attendant!

Maybe she will be my flight attendant! (Photo courtesy

The flight cost me 55,000 American Airlines miles and $58, with $25 of that due to having to make a phone reservation instead of booking online. Again, the normal cost of the flight is below.

Price in Hong Kong Dollars, per Cathay Pacific's website.

Price in Hong Kong Dollars, per Cathay Pacific’s website.

And here’s the price, again, in American dollars.

photo 3 (3)

Who can afford to pay $8,000 for a flight…

Here’s a picture of the seat – only 21 inches wide, however, in business class – but plenty wide for sleeping, it seems.

Look, I'm already asleep!

Look, I’m already asleep!

The flight from Hong Kong to Newark is 16 hours, so I really hope it’s as comfortable as it looks in the above picture. The flight distance makes it the seventh longest flight in the entire world. The longest ever flight in terms of time was a New York-Singapore flight of 18 hours and fifty minutes, or almost 19 HOURS IN THE AIR. Yikes. 16 is plenty for me!

Here’s a funny picture of the route, courtesy Great Circle Mapper.


So, how did I get these miles?

  1. My American Air miles came from a 50,000 mile signup bonus on the Citi Platinum AAdvantage credit card after spending $2,500 in the first 4 months of card membership. They gave me an additional 5,000 miles after my miles didn’t post in the immediate statement after I met the minimum spend. The public offer seems to be 30,000 miles right now, so hit the Google for ways to find the higher offers. I applied for this card in October of last year, 2013.
  2. My British Airways Avios came from a 100,000 Avios signup bonus on the Chase British Airways credit card. I received 50,000 Avios after the first $10,000 spent and another 50,000 Avios after I had spent another $10,000. I applied for this card sometime in 2012. I have to be honest – $20,000 is a real sum of money and I had to maximize my regular spending, reimbursements from friends, family and coworkers and all my manufactured (helpful link 1) spending (helpful link 2) tricks (helpful link 3) to hit the dual minimum spends – Amazon payments being the easiest and most useful way to goose spending. I used most of the other points to fly 3 friends and myself to Montreal for a semi-surprise weekend trip.

I will be posting more stuff about this trip as it begins to coalesce. Right now, all that’s planned is four days in Tokyo, two of which will be spent at my eventual home away from home, the Conrad Tokyo, specifically the pool and then the executive lounge during breakfast and happy hour.

They give these out at the Conrad Tokyo, so, what's Japanese for quack?

They give these out at the Conrad Tokyo, so, what’s Japanese for quack?

Thanks for giving this a look through – I hope that these last 2 posts have given you an idea of a place faraway that you would like to visit. It’s not that hard and it’s not that expensive, so read the “Credit” portion of my blog, research some credit cards and decide if you want to play this game – I’m here to help!

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