Where Did I Go in 2013?

This past year was by far my busiest and most fun year of travel ever – 6 countries, 20+ cities and over 700,000 points and miles burned! To keep track of everything, I use this handy website titled Great Circle Mapper. It’s basically a Mercator projection where you can input your visited airports/cities in chronological order during a single trip and an image showing the route is created – SFO-LAX means you flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You can also put in multiple trips by separating each with a with a comma – SFO-LAX, LAX-NRT-SEA means you flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles to Tokyo and then to Seattle.

To show you better, let’s say you went on a trip to Paris starting in New York. Easy enough – just input the airport codes – let’s use JFK for New York and CDG for Paris – and presto, there’s your route.


At the bottom of the page, useful information like mileage covered, the latitudes and longitudes of the start and end points, and the airport names and locations is displayed.


From To Initial
JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) CDG (49°00’35″N 2°32’52″E) 53.5°  (NE) 3635 mi
Total: 3635 mi

 Code Dictionary

Code Source Location
JFK FAA New York [John F Kennedy Intl], NY, US
CDG AIP Paris (Roissy-en-France) [Charles de Gaulle (Roissy)], FR

Ok, so I agree – that’s not a fun example. Let’s fix that. Here’s the route of my Paris-Thailand-Tokyo trip from September 2013. For this vacation, I circumnavigated the globe rather then come back to America through Europe. Magellan died trying in the Philippines in 1521, so I thought if I could honor that chutzpah, I should, so I did. It’s also pretty cool, in my own humble opinion, to do something in 2 weeks what it took folks years to do not that many centuries ago…

bgig trip

For my fellow cartophilic nerds, the data is below.


From To Initial
10 segment path: 20762 mi
    EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) FRA (50°01’35″N 8°32’35″E) 50.4°  (NE) 3869 mi
    FRA (50°01’35″N 8°32’35″E) CDG (49°00’35″N 2°32’52″E) 257.7°  (W) 279 mi
    CDG (49°00’35″N 2°32’52″E) BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) 74.8°  (E) 5878 mi
    BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) USM (9°32’52″N 100°03’44″E) 189.4°  (S) 288 mi
    USM (9°32’52″N 100°03’44″E) BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) 9.2°  (N) 288 mi
    BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) ICN (37°28’09″N 126°27’02″E) 39.4°  (NE) 2277 mi
    ICN (37°28’09″N 126°27’02″E) NRT (35°45’55″N 140°23’08″E) 94.4°  (E) 783 mi
    NRT (35°45’55″N 140°23’08″E) SEA (47°27’00″N 122°18’42″W) 46.0°  (NE) 4769 mi
    SEA (47°27’00″N 122°18’42″W) ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) 89.9°  (E) 1721 mi
    ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) 107.0°  (E) 612 mi
Total: 20762 mi

 Code Dictionary

Code Source Location
EWR FAA Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US
FRA DAFIF Frankfurt [Rhein-Main], HE, DE
CDG AIP Paris (Roissy-en-France) [Charles de Gaulle (Roissy)], FR
BKK DAFIF Bangkok [Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Intl], TH
ICN DAFIF Seoul [Incheon Intl], KR
NRT AIP Tokyo (Narita) [New Tokyo Intl], Honshu, JP
SEA FAA Seattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
ORD FAA Chicago [Chicago O’Hare Intl], IL, US
DCA FAA Washington [Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport], DC, US

My domestic travel last year was varied both in location and ticket type – paid or award. I enjoyed a first-class trip in seat 2A on United out to San Francisco for Thanksgiving and also tolerated a 38F seat – that’s the second to last row – to Denver, so I really had, well not the best of both, but definitely both worlds. Sitting in the back of the plane makes me appreciate the front much, much more! Also, I’m counting Canada as domestic travel – really, what are they going to do aboot it?

us trip


From To Initial
2 segment path: 1467 mi
    LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) 281.1°  (W) 733 mi
    ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) 91.8°  (E) 733 mi
2 segment path: 713 mi
    LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) YYZ (43°40’38″N 79°37’50″W) 306.0°  (NW) 357 mi
    YYZ (43°40’38″N 79°37’50″W) LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) 122.2°  (SE) 357 mi
2 segment path: 648 mi
    LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) YUL (45°28’14″N 73°44’27″W) 1.1°  (N) 324 mi
    YUL (45°28’14″N 73°44’27″W) LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) 181.2°  (S) 324 mi
2 segment path: 426 mi
    JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) 235.6°  (SW) 213 mi
    DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) 53.6°  (NE) 213 mi
2 segment path: 5151 mi
    EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) SFO (37°37’09″N 122°22’31″W) 281.4°  (W) 2565 mi
    SFO (37°37’09″N 122°22’31″W) JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) 69.8°  (E) 2586 mi
3 segment path: 3044 mi
    EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) AUS (30°11’40″N 97°40’12″W) 248.7°  (W) 1504 mi
    AUS (30°11’40″N 97°40’12″W) IAH (29°59’04″N 95°20’29″W) 95.3°  (E) 140 mi
    IAH (29°59’04″N 95°20’29″W) EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) 52.4°  (NE) 1400 mi
2 segment path: 3239 mi
    LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) DEN (39°51’42″N 104°40’23″W) 277.9°  (W) 1620 mi
    DEN (39°51’42″N 104°40’23″W) LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) 77.7°  (E) 1620 mi
3 segment path: 1646 mi
    LGA (40°46’38″N 73°52’21″W) CHS (32°53’55″N 80°02’26″W) 214.1°  (SW) 641 mi
    CHS (32°53’55″N 80°02’26″W) ATL (33°38’12″N 84°25’40″W) 282.5°  (W) 259 mi
    ATL (33°38’12″N 84°25’40″W) EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) 46.3°  (NE) 746 mi
2 segment path: 2333 mi
    SEA (47°27’00″N 122°18’42″W) ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) 89.9°  (E) 1721 mi
    ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) 107.0°  (E) 612 mi
2 segment path: 2267 mi
    EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) OMA (41°18’11″N 95°53’39″W) 279.3°  (W) 1134 mi
    OMA (41°18’11″N 95°53’39″W) EWR (40°41’33″N 74°10’07″W) 84.9°  (E) 1134 mi
Total: 20934 mi

 Code Dictionary

My top 3 domestic trips last year were an amazing 3 days in Austin, a superlative Christmas (that picture is from Xmas day!) and New Year’s in Charleston, and a friends and family filled San Francisco Thanksgiving. However, I don’t want to discount the incredible restaurants of Chicago, seeing the College World Series in Omaha,  my quick Denver sojourn or my first stay at a W Hotel in Montreal – those were great and beautiful times, too!

photo (12)

I really only go on these trips so I can get stupid haircuts that work won’t allow!

Well, there you have it – 40,000+ miles of fun and more planned! I’m looking forward to Belgium and Holland in February, Japan in July, South America for Thanksgiving and maybe Hawaii for New Year’s. With miles and points, the possibilities truly are endless. Get out there and see something amazing – who knows, it could be right in your backyard…

Globe from 1964 World's Fair.

Globe from 1964 World’s Fair.

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