I requalified for SPG Gold!

I’m golden! I just got this email from Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) informing me that I requalified for SPG Gold.

photo (4)

While in January of this year I received complimentary SPG Gold status through my American Express Platinum credit card sign-up approval, I was planning on cancelling the card in January 2014, leaving me bereft of status the rest of the year.

At some hotel chains, like Marriott, this isn’t a big deal since mid-level status doesn’t offer much, but SPG Gold gives me two key benefits: 4pm late checkout and free internet. When you are hungover and all you can do is surf the internet on your iPad in bed, these two benefits are just crucial. Plus the W beds so so comfortable, it’s hard to get up, anyway.

It's the foam @WHotelATX

It’s the four inches of foam @WHotelATX

On a more serious note, Gold status also promises an enhanced room at check-in, enhanced meaning whatever the front desk whats the word to mean, but at Le Méridien Koh Samui this meant a three-level upgrade. From the basic Verandah Suite, I skipped the Terrace Suite and Plunge Pool Suite levels and went straight to a Pool Access Suite.

Verandah Suite

Verandah Suite

The Pool

The Pool



Soaking tub

Soaking tub

Achieving Gold status takes 10 stays or 25 nights in a calendar year. I only had 8 stays, but both the Starwood American Express Personal and Business credit cards give the cardholder 2 nights and 5 stays a year. I was just approved for the Business card in September, and when the billing statement ended in late November, the two additional stay credits lifted me to another year of SPG Gold!

Starwood then sent me another email offering me a pick of two different rewards for requalifying.

photo (5)

I’m probably going to take advantage of the 25% off a Starpoints redemption offer and try to combine it with with a Fifth Night Free award redemption, where you redeem four nights of points for five nights. I’m going to have to call and confirm, but if I combine the two offers, then I would get five nights for 3 nights of points. Either way, I’m pleased and am looking forward to another year of the #spglife*!

W ATX Pool

W ATX Pool

*(I have a weakness for W Hotels. They just smell so good.)

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