New American Express Platinum Benefit: Airspace Lounge JFK Terminal 5

I just received an email from American Express explaining that a new “Airspace Lounge” has opened at JFK’s Terminal 5 and access is complimentary for Platinum cardmembers and up to two of their guests.


I had not previously heard of this lounge brand, but the product seems skies above a typical United Club or AAdmirals Lounge. For instance:

  • There are showers at JFK’s lounge, as well as amenity kits and clothes pressing if you are arriving early in the morning! For international business travelers, that is a fantastic benefit.
  • Breakfast offers free Peet’s coffee and tea plus a pay buffet with hot and cold items, or what Airspace calls “a complete breakfast.” There is also regular all-day food, like sandwiches, salads and cured meats, interestingly enough. With entry you gain a $10 credit towards food and beverage purchase, as well.
  • There are free computers, unlimited printing, “lots of outlets” and free newspapers for folks who wish to stay connected while in the airport.
  • Huge selection of libations – beer, wine, and spirits are available. Having any type of St. Bernardus forces me to give this lounge a gold, or should I say platinum, star.
Sample beverage menu

Beer Menu

  • The lounge is open 365 days a year from 4:30 a.m to 11:00 p.m, although it can stay open later depending on delays. The physical location in Terminal 5 is between gates 24 and 25. Here are all the other FAQs.

I’m not sure how much, or if I ever will, get to use this lounge, since Terminal 5 is for JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines and Aer Lingus passengers. Ireland is not on my travel menu for at least 5 years and JetBlue doesn’t have international redemptions, giving my NYC-SF business to United. Hawaii is always in the back of my head, so if I decide to spend time at the Andaz Maui in the future, then I will be sure to take advantage of this lounge. For any readers who go, tweet me @thewindowsuite and let me know how it is!

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