October Priority Pass Update: New Lounges and Fun Facts!

Priority Pass, a global network of airport lounges, recently sent me an email with their newest additions. Here they are separated by country with some additional information about each area:

  • China

Baotou Erliban Airport, or BAV, has a new airside first-class lounge in the domestic terminal. It appears to resemble a United Club in terms of amenities. That’s not a compliment.  Baotou, if you have the pleasure of going, is a mining city in Inner Mongolia that produces more than half of all Chinese rare-earths.

Guanzghou’s Baiyun International Airport, or CAN, is China’s second busiest. It has two new airside first-class lounges, one in terminal A, the other in terminal B. These lounges have drinks, WiFi and business stations and are most notable for kicking you out after 4 hours.

Dehong Mangshi Airport, or LUM and serving Mang City in Yunnan province, population 340,000, has added a “Best Business VIP Lounge,” which has the same amenities as the first-class lounges at Baiyun. To me, China is amazing – this is a “small town” that has more people than St. Louis. Yunnan Province, itself, has over 45 million people, which is the population of the states of Texas and New York added together.

Tengcheng Tuofeng Airport, or TCZ and serving Tengchong County, has added a an airside “Best Business VIP Lounge,” too. Tengcheng is the terminus of the Heihe-Tengchong line, a historical marker that divides China into two parts – East and West, with the East having 57% of the area but 94% of the population and the West having 43% of the area but only 6% of the population.

  • Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary Airport, or KLV, located in the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic, has added an airside business lounge with WiFi, drinks and television.

  • India

Calicut International Airport, or CCJ, has a “Port Lounge” in the international terminal, open 24 hours a day. This lounge has a separate prayer room.

Chennai International Airport, or MAA, has also added an open 24 hours daily “Port Lounge”. Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, and, as such, is the home of the Tamil film industry.

Dehradun Airport, or DED and also known as Jolly Grant Airport (Google provides no explanation as to the name), has, wonder of wonders, added a “Port Lounge,” too. This one comes without libations and is located in the domestic terminal, however. This airport, located in the city of Dehradun, is the starting point for many Himalayan tourist destinations.

  • Kuwait

Kuwait International Airport, or KWI, has added a “Pearl Lounge Sheikh Saad,” which offers – to Fly Dubai passengers only – showers, WiFi and separate prayer rooms. Even though there is 24 hour access, you will get kicked out after 4 hours and to gain entrance you must dress in a “smart, casual” way. I wonder if you can stay for 4 hours, leave, than enter again to re-set the clock. Either way, you can also kill time at the Kuwait Air Force Museum, which is attached to the airport. Nikki Lardas’ public photobucket account, or the first hit on Google, has pictures of the museum here.

  • Morocco

Agadir-Al Massira International Airport, or AGA, has added two lounges. Both are by Convives de Marque, which translates to “Guest’s Brand.” and while one is a departures and arrivals lounge, the other is just a departures lounge. Both are located in Terminal 1, open 24 hours daily and do not serve alcohol. Agadir is a really lovely and well-known beach town in southwest Morocco. I’ve heard great things about both this town and Essaouira.

For kicks, I looked up how many miles you could earn flying to and from each one – 12,271. A picture of the routing is below.


Thanks for reading and if you are Priority Pass cardmember, take advantage of the new lounges!

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