Citi Tuesdays at CitiField: $10 Gift Cards for Free!

Baseball games can be expensive, especially in New York City, but I found a way to save money at New York Mets baseball games. The Mets have something called Citi Tuesdays, a promotion where your Citi credit and debit cards get you multiple discounts at the ballpark. They are listed below:

  • There is a center field Citi kiosk where you show your Citi credit card and receive a $10 gift card goods toward anything in the stadium – merchandise, food, beer – it’s all good!
  • Concessions are 10% less when paying with your Citi credit or debit card.
  • Tickets bought that day, either online or at the stadium, are 10% off.
  • Merchandise costs 10% less on Tuesdays.
There are a couple others involving the various “clubs” at Citi Field, but I don’t want to get into those, because those tickets are expensive and this post is about saving money!

The Mets have one last home game coming up – it’s September 17, versus the San Francisco Giants, which means this is the last chance of the year to take advantage of the promotion.

Now, I”m sure a dad somewhere is saying, “Great. You saved me $10 on food, but my wife and two kids need to eat, as well.” Here’s a real-money saving tip – make your children and spouse authorized users on your Citi credit card. Now, they can present their own, separate credit cards to the Citi Kiosk and each get $10 gift cards. Presto, $40 has returned to your wallet. If they want to get more food, remember, concessions are 10% off, too!

I’m not a Mets fan, but I hope that Mets fans can take advantage of this offer one final time and save money. It’s also something to think about for next year too, when planning which games to attend!

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