Paris-Bangkok-Koh Samui-Hong Kong-Tokyo-Seattle. One Vacation. 13 days. (Part 1 of 2)

What’s your dream vacation? No, five days at Tranquility Base doesn’t count – the Moon would be be a scientific expedition. Same with Antarctica. Atlantis isn’t real and while I’m sure drinking Moet in the Gardens of Babylon would be super, those plants have ceased to be anything but topsoil.

So, we are stuck with the six other continents. This is glorious news. Planes are more luxurious, and cheaper (37% adjusted for inflation than in 1979), than ever. Hotels are in wilder and more fantastical places than ever before and offer more personalized and responsive service than in the past, especially on the luxury end. This makes both parts of the vacation equation – traveling and housing – fun and decadent. So where to, then?

I dreamed gigantic and am doing my best Rihanna 777 impression, except I’m throwing in Asia on top of Europe and North America and extending it to a fortnight. The details of the trip are as follows:

1) New York to Paris on a Lufthansa business-class overnight with a 2 hour morning layover in Frankfurt to drink champagne, get the passport stamped and take a shower at the Lufthansa lounge.

Not quite a lie-flat seat, but spacious and much more comfortable than economy-class

2) 2 days in Paris doing Paris things while staying at the Marriott Ambassador Opera Hotel.

Imposing view from Boulevard Haussman

3) Paris to Koh Samui overnight flight on THAI first-class with a 9.5 hour layover in epicurious Bangkok.

This folds into a lie-flat bed around 6’8 long.
12 seats in the upper deck first-class cabin takes up the same space as 80 economy seats. I am not lying.

4) 3 days on Koh Samui, an island as close to traditional paradise as I’ve ever read about on the internet. I’m staying at the Conrad Koh Samui, where there are no rooms, just villas.

No villa is attached to another.
Each villa has a private infinity pool.
Here’s the view the opposite way!

5) Koh Samui to Bangkok in Bangkok Airways economy-class.

Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport-esque propjet mixed with Disney.

6) Bangkok to Tokyo with a 5 hour layover in Hong Kong. Both legs are in Cathay Pacific’s brand new business-class.

This also folds into a lie-flat bed.
Hope to take this very same picture during my layover in Hong Kong.

7) 4 days in Tokyo, where I will be staying at the Conrad Tokyo. First time in Japan; super-excited.

View from hotel.
Dining room.

8) Tokyo to Seattle in ANA business/first-class with a 12 hour layover in Seattle to see family.

This folds flat. ANA’s food is also off the hook!
Yes, this is the plane that keeps catching on fire.

9) Seattle to DC with an hour layover in Chicago. Both legs are in United domestic first-class.

A more traditional first-class product.

The estimated cost of this trip is between $30-40,000 just for the planes and hotels. I am paying much less. Much, much less.

However, the best part, honestly, is that I am taking a friend who has never before traveled internationally. Dreams aren’t fun if you can’t share them, of course.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this pre-trip report, where I outline exactly how I earned enough miles to pay for this vacation!

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