New American Express Platinum Benefit – Text Concierge

One of the reasons that Chase has had a lot of recent success with attracting new customers, especially with the Sapphire Preferred credit card, is the improved customer service. I can’t tell you how nice it is to nine out of ten times speak to a representative within 4 seconds of dialing the customer service number. No robo directives, no buttons to press – just a human being that is empowered to solve problems. Additionally, since it’s a Visa Signature card there are unique benefits that come free of charge with the card.

This customer service tactic directly bites American Express, a company with a longtime reputation for having extremely effective concierge services, especially for corporate clients and Platinum/Centurion card holders. AmEx offers dining, travel and general question concierge services through the number on the back of the Platinum card. However, it’s a huge hassle to access their teams. The first voice that directs you is a robot. AmEx doesn’t link your phone number to your credit card, so each time you speak with someone in a different department you have to tell them your credit card number. Hold times can range from non-existent to ten minutes, which is inexcusable when the annual fee for the card is $450. Sometimes it can take fifteen minutes to iron everything out, which is way too long, especially for something like brunch recommendations.

Therefore, when AmEx sent me the following email, I was pleased.

Texting is much easier than calling and I have been testing the new service in recent days. Questions have included:
Can you give me 10 dive bars in Greenpoint?
Can you give me 3 places for brunch in the Lower East Side at $10-20 a person?
Can you make reservations at noon at Restaurant X this Sunday?
Simple stuff, yes, but instead of curating Yelp reviews or culture websites, you can text 66-004 and they work for you. Responses and recommendations come via text or email – your choice. Easy.
Big kudos to AmEx for simplifying their signature service!

3 thoughts on “New American Express Platinum Benefit – Text Concierge

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