The College World Series Pity Party

I’m headed to Omaha, Nebraska tomorrow night for the 2013 College World Series, and I’m excited. Friends, family, seeing a new city, rooting for UVa baseball to win their first CWS….

Ok, UVa had 50 wins this year and completely outperformed expectations, so congrats to the ‘Hoos and to their vanquishers, Mississippi State, but I’m still disappointed. Anytime a team hosts a Super Regional, the expectation is World Series or bust. However, I was able to assuage some negative feelings by using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall portal and my Chase United Explorer credit card to book my ticket.

It’s really easy to earn extra UR points; just remind yourself each time you make a purchase online to first go through the Ultimate Rewards mall, which will link to your preferred merchant website. In this case, mine was Travelocity, which offers an additional 2 UR points per dollar on top of whatever bonus your credit card normally gives. The Chase United Explorer, on United airfare purchases, gives 2 United miles per dollar, so in total, I received 4x United miles per dollar! The Explorer card also offers free checked bags on United flights, so I’m saving an additional $50 – $25 each way – by using it to pay.

Quick thought: If you need to write out the benefits of each card in a spreadsheet to remember them, do it! It’s no fun to throw away money on airline fees.

Chase, handily, will also email you to let you know when the UR mall points process, as the photo below shows.

852 extra points means $852 I didn’t have to spend!

In short, this is a great deal. A $400+ ticket turned into 1600 United miles and free checked bags. While 1,600 miles won’t even get me onto the jetway, it’s $1200 I didn’t have to spend. Every little thousand here and there helps towards that big award ticket, remember! Free money, free points and some baseball – here’s to the weekend!

P.S. ‘Hoos CWS 2014 bandwagon, accepting tickets now!

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