New Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefit: I no longer have to call Chase and let them know my travel information ahead of time

My biggest credit card fear is that someone else will somehow get my personal information and use it maliciously. Banks often do state in the terms and conditions that you will not be held liable for such acts, but it’s a huge hassle to have your identity stolen and I’d prefer not to have it happen to me anytime soon. Therefore, when Chase sent me the below email, I freaked out due to the subject line of “Chase Fraud Alert.”

However, upon further perusal, it turned out Chase had added an additional benefit to my card – I no longer have to call to let Chase know when I’m traveling domestically or internationally. I didn’t call before, for instance, when I went to California for Easter, and Chase didn’t decline any of my purchases, so I’m guessing this is instead targeted for international spending on my Sapphire Preferred.

I always call Chase when I travel out of the country, whether it’s Montreal or Toronto, or someplace more exotic like Istanbul, and sometimes the call can turn into a 10-15 minute experience of confirming personal information and being transferred between departments. Removing that hassle is appreciated and since Chase states they will monitor my account and “decline charges that appear fraudulent,” I still feel secure.

This isn’t a major development or anything – just a quick thank you to Chase for saving me time and annoyance! If you have a Sapphire Preferred credit card, feel free to call up Chase and request this benefit if you haven’t already received an email.

Comment below if you recieved the same email or have any questions. You can also tweet me @WindowSuite. Thanks for reading!

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